The main concerns for every person who has an account on YouTube are the following:

• Ways in which they can increase the number of YouTube subscribers to their posts.
• How to obtain the maximum number of views fast.

In this blog, we provide you with some very handy tips and ways of getting a lot of subscribers and viewers to your YouTube posts and how to increase them. Read on to know more about them.

1. Always have a plan and a script ready:
The very first stage of your YouTube journey should be a clearly outlined plan and script of what you wish to post on YouTube. You will need to have a clear design and plan structure of the content and videos that you are putting up. Select those content and videos which adore creating and focus on developing those talents and skills to make them even better. It is best not to blindly copy or imitate other channels on YouTube which are trending and the latest buzz. Instead, choose what you love more, and there will surely be subscribers and viewers out there who have similar tastes as you which will bring you maximum gains and advantages.
Posting on YouTube through videos have a better chance of getting a large number of viewers and subscribers to your YouTube posts if you have a solid script in place. Scripts play a major role in assisting and guiding you in the or videos and keep you steady on the track. By sticking solely on the script, you can avoid veering out of track from the context topic. Scripts also guarantee the best results for a targeted video with the perfect stream of events. It is necessary that you first identify your target audiences and then create, design and compose your script based on what your audience prefers and their level of understanding.
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2. Make sure that the content is keyword rich and contains self-descriptive titles:
When you decide on making YouTube posts, always make sure that you have the content for posting on YouTube, ready in your hand. The content should be rich in keywords and well descriptive. While the title should be catchy and descriptive this indicates or hints at the content to follow. A good title supplies keywords and maintains relevancy to the context as it attracts viewers to your YouTube posts and gives them an Insight of the main theme of the video. In order to get the right keywords, you will need to carry out keyword researches, formulate solid Search Engine Optimization strategies, and make use of the keyword planner and other such similar keyword research tools available.
There are several keywords which are popular and trending on YouTube and it is quite easy to identify and detect them. All you need to do is open the keyword planner and perform a YouTube search for it. video content that contains the correct keywords will give you the best organic views as it keeps the viewers well informed as well as it indicates to the search engines about what your content and video is all about.

3. The frequency of uploading your videos and content:
Generally, viewers and YouTube subscribers generally prefer those channels which are trending, popular, and have frequently and regularly uploaded content on their pages. This keeps out the boredom and maintains entertainment. Especially in today’s digital age, viewers are constantly on the Lookout for more entertainment. Hence it is necessary that you keep up the pace and solve all of your subscribers’ requests. Make sure that you upload and keep updating your videos in a regular, organized and timely manner. Also, make sure that you upload at least one video per week, or it should include at least a couple of videos per month.
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4. Thumbnail image Optimization:
Thumbnails an important aspect of getting a boost in your YouTube views as well as in the number of subscribers to your YouTube channels. Make use of thumbnails images that have an image of your target audience is favorite heroes and it will do the wonders for you. However, it is necessary that you use only high-quality images that are engaging, attractive and catchy. It should also contain readable forms and the entire image should be facially focused if they are made use of in your YouTube videos.
Another way of effectively using thumbnails to enhance and promote your videos on YouTube it’s too make sure that the thumbnails are a visual reflection of your main content as well as the title. This will bring about a boost to the number of YouTube subscribers to your videos.

5. Reveal yourself so that viewers will be able to discover you:
YouTube allows you to link your YouTube videos and posts with that of your official business website page. So if you have them both then make sure to utilize that opportunity to promote and popularize what you are offering to your viewers and target audiences.
In the channel settings of your YouTube page, you can add the particular block; URL of your channel as well as you can add them within the description provided in your channel. YouTube also facilitates for a subscribe button which can be added at any place on your blog post or video content and it provides you an indication has to the number of subscribers and viewers who like and have viewed your YouTube channel.
The efforts that you put in to drive the largest number of viewers, visitors and subscribers to your YouTube channel pays off when you guide them to your official website. It also indicates that your YouTube channel gets verified as being true and genuine in regards to the brand and what you are offering.

6. Include video content which is viral trends:
If you want your video content and YouTube posts to be popular and attract the maximum number of viewers and subscribers, then it is necessary that you put up video content which is currently popular viral trends doing the rounds on the internet? Take maximum advantage of the inherent market desires of the audiences to get in depth to the core of these viral trends. However, it is not as simple for you to link your YouTube posts with these hot current trends. In case you discover a clever way to go about it then you have hit the Jackpot to increase and boost up the number of viewers and subscribers. It is based on the principle that curious viewers watch out and do a complete follow up of everything that is trending and attract their attention.

Increase Your Subscriber from Zero - Neil Patel

7. Keep your videos short and precise:
Always remember that your video content should be for duration of below 5 minutes. The normal duration of those video contents which are popular and trending on YouTube are all below 5 minutes. That is the maximum number of time which is capable of capturing the attention and focus of the viewers and target audiences on YouTube. After all, there is more to be explored and so viewers keep moving on to more interesting things. The Following are the points to Remember:
• This is necessary for everyone whether you are a starter or someone who has been doing it for many years.
• Follow this time duration until you get a large following.
• Videos which are under five minutes time duration are the ones which are popular, trendy and convert high.
• Once you get a good number of followers, you can then venture out into testing with video length and watch out to see how your target audience is responding to it.
• Keep it short, precise informational educational, interesting and engaging all within five minutes time duration.
• Though it is an extreme and difficult task, it sure pays off for all your efforts.

The above are some of the proven ways in which you can get a boost and the maximum number of viewers and subscribers to your YouTube channel.

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