Top Highest Paid Digital marketing Jobs

Are you dreaming of building a career in the digital marketing industry? You might be wondering which path to choose and venture out while earning a big paycheck at the same time. Well in this blog we take you through some of the highest paid digital marketing jobs available out there.
It is both encouraging and motivating to do what you love doing while earning quite well. We give you detailed information about some of these digital marketing jobs along with their pay scales. Read on to know more about them:

1. Search Engine Optimisation and Search engine marketing:

The most generously paid digital marketing jobs are Search Engine Optimisation and search engine marketing. Those who have several years of expertise and who are marketing experts earn quite a lot of money in this field. In modern times, the search engine algorithm is constantly evolving and changing. Digital marketing businesses also have to keep themselves updated by employing Search Engine Optimisation specialists so as to enable the business web pages to rank on top of the various search engines. The main goal of the specialists and experts in the field are to ensure that your business stays on the top of the search engine results page.
Businesses that make use of Search Engine Optimisation have seen an increase in site traffic and attraction of a large number of audiences and viewers to their website and content. It helps in lead generation and enables you to stay on par with your competitors effortlessly and effectively. This can be achieved by occupying their position on the search engine results pages.
In order to grow, develop and promote your business it is necessary to purchase ad spaces across the various search engines, social media channels and platforms. This is especially necessary in businesses which aims at targeting much larger group of audiences, driving traffic to your business website, generation of leads and conversions. As a result of this, pay scales for the specialists and professionals who possess the required digital marketing skills, are much higher.
Pay scale:
The salary range for a Search Engine Optimisation and search engine marketing professionals starts at around Rs 1,20,000. A professional in the field with several years of experience earns up to Rs. 450000 to Rs. 6 Lacs. A professional with more than 8 years of experience gets about 9 lacs to 15 lacs.

2. Data and Web Analytics:

Every successful digital marketer who possesses skills of Data Analytics and web Analytics has the power to earn a very good salary. There are different sorts of data to be analyzed whether it is data in regard to performance, finance, ads, content, graphs etc across the various social networking channels and platforms. Most of the business websites are linked to Google Analytics which is capable of giving all the information and analytics that is required and regard to its performance. As a result of this, every digital marketer has their hands full with Google Analytics.
Pay scale:
Data and web analytics professionals form the smallest group of individuals in every digital marketing company team. However, they play a vital role in the very functioning of the business and hence the salary is expected to be in the pay scale of Rs 2,50,000 up to Rs 15 lacs. Experienced professionals get to earn about Rs 20 lacs per annum. They are paid high for their special digital marketing skills and training that they possess which are vital for a business.

3. Content marketing jobs:

Content marketing involves the creation of targeted content which is not only unique but creative as well. It adopts the strategic advertising approach which is aimed at driving in traffic and retaining their customers through engaging content. Content marketing has taken on the digital marketing world by storm and it is quite a recent trend with organizations constantly on the search for engaging and unique content. Content plays an important role in being at the top of search results across the search engines. To get better and effective search results it is necessary to produce unique content. There are only a few handfuls of professional content marketing professionals who possess the desired skills.
Pay scale:
In modern times, content Marketing executives who create unique and engaging content are in high demand. They are paid well with a salary that ranges between Rs 2,50,000 for beginners. While professionals with about 5 to 6 years of experience earn about Rs12,00,000 per annum.

4. UX designing jobs:

UX stands for User experience. It involves the science of behavior of the customers and why they choose particular things over others. Professionals in the UX designing jobs are specially trained to possess the skills in detecting certain behavioral patterns well in advance and to make decisions and changes based on them. It plays a major role in product purchase and customer satisfaction.
In today’s digital world, businesses are aiming to enhance user experiences across the various online platforms. Professionals who possess the required skills and training in UX designing enjoy a high pay scale. They are able to analyze the customer practices and behaviors and guide their organizations based on them.
Pay scale:
User experience designers with basic knowledge are paid Rs 5 lacs per annum. Specialists who possess sufficient knowledge in user research, usability testing, interaction, designing and user interface designing are paid between 12 lacs to 15 lacs per annum.
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5. Email marketing jobs:

Email marketing jobs include professionals who possess the knowledge of sending commercial email messages to targeted audiences and customers. It includes emails in regard to businesses, sales, ads, business deals, etc to target audiences and customers. Most of the successful businesses in the digital marketing world have their own professional team of email marketers who performs the task effortlessly and efficiently.
Pay scale:
The job of email marketing is not recognized as a specialized profession. However, those professionals who possess sufficient knowledge in this field earn decent salaries. It includes data analysis, usability, communication through emails, user experiences, designing and lots more. A beginner in email marketing earns between Rs 1,80,000to Rs 1 lakh per annum and the professionals who have several years of experience in it earn at least rupees 10 lacs per annum.

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