Top 10 Ad Writing Tips for Social Media

It is well known that writing is an art and with the advent of the Internet and social media, writing is in great demand. Writing across social media platforms requires a particular approach along with writing skills, whether it is for ads, captions and other related aspects. We bring you some of the top 10 tips that guide you in writing top quality content for social media platforms like those of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  • Keep it simple and real:

It is necessary that you keep your writing simple and real. It is best not to make your audiences to sweat it out just to read your ad. It is advised that you remove the additional content so that your visitors and audiences do not have to scroll down and select the ‘’see more link” in order to read the entire content. This saves the time of the readers as well as gives them access to all they need to know why effectively convey your message to them. Get rid of the adjectives and long terms which are capable of confusing your viewers, instead stick to short and effective words.

  • Target your audiences:

When creating and writing content it is necessary that you target your audiences and be aware of who they are and what are their interest, preferences, and choices. Use different languages to reach out to diverse target audiences. Take the time your customers and audiences. Get to know them in depth, whether they are Travellers, students, fitness freaks, parents, dietitians educationists, and others. What are their core points of interest and value? Set out time to do a complete research on these aspects and once you have the answers to your questions. You can easily create the content that targets your audiences and keeps them engaged. You will be able to comprehend what your audiences need from you and that you will be effectively catering to the needs, requirements, and demands. The entire process would become easy and simple for you once you have understood your customers and audiences.

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Set aside time for the call to action:

It is necessary that you give importance to the entire journey right from the start to the finish and not just focusing on getting your Viewer to give you that click. Pay attention to what your audiences wish to do after that and what would be the ultimate objective of the ad content that you are posting.

It is necessary that you establish predefined expectations in regard to your call to action so that you would easily understand what will come your way. Also, make promises that are genuine without misleading your target audiences. Never make a promise which you cannot deliver and which wood used that trust and confidence of your audiences in you.

  • Proofread every single content that you post:

Before posting your content across social media platforms, it is necessary that you proofread them. This is one of the topmost advise given by experts in the industry. Never hit the publish button as soon as you have done with your writing. Make sure that you check out everything in the content before posting it. Also, you could engage a fresh pair of eyes who would view your content in a whole new light and it would be beneficial to you in the process. You could ask a friend, a family member, relative or a colleague to do the proofreading task for you. Once your proofreading has been done, then your advertisement would move from being just good to great. You could also make use of the several spell checking tools that effectively check for grammar, errors, and spellings.

  • Use emojis :

When creating content for social media platforms you could engage the use of emojis.  Nowadays emojis have become a whole new kind of language that relates connect and gets your audience is engaged and intrigue. It is one of the best ways of connecting with your audiences and viewers out there. However, it is necessary that you make sure it is in sync with the topic, content and your brand voice. Emojis not only improves the message and conveys a clear a message across your audiences, but it also maintains consistency.

Always make sure that you keep your target audiences in mind. If you are audiences do not prefer emojis then it is best not use them in communicating with them. Several digital marketing courses like those offered at Digitaltita will trained you in the various concepts of social media marketing and Advertising across social media platforms.

Incorporate your mission statement::

Every genuine business has there very own mission statement which plays a vital role in establishing trustworthiness and reliability in your audiences and customers. Mission statements established the core values, motivation, goals, and aim of the business. It establishes clarity to your potential customers and targeted audiences about your business company, products brands, and services. It assists in establishing a strong bond in the business and accounts for on your behalf. It is the very first thing that a customer looks at when choosing to go ahead. It is necessary that you stay in sync with your mission statement and deliver your promises which will get your audiences converted into customers which in turn leads to the purchase of your services, products, and goods.

  • Stick to the format:

Plan out and strategize a particular format that covers all of your business goals. Every advertisement and social media content should be created while keeping the format in mind. The way in which you write and create content will differ based on whether you are writing the content for a video advertisement, blog or even an article. Experiment with different elements such as images and infographics. Your audiences and customers will be able to easily grasp what you are communicating with them. There will be a huge difference when such ads go live.

  • Be genuine:

Never hesitate to communicate directly with your target audiences and potential customers.  Be straightforward and genuine with the numbers, whether it is the cost involved or any sort of hidden charges, what benefits they are driving from it and other related aspects. Make sure that you give the correct details and information when your potential customers ask for it.  Never think that your customers are dumb. They would easily identify whether you are being genuine or not. Answer the questions put forth to you and actively interact with your audiences, which will demonstrate your genuine and authentic nature.

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  • Utilize organic posting to test the performance of your ad:

Make sure to test the performance of your posts by making use of organic posting. It is one of the top ways of testing out the performance of an ad copy to give you the desired results. Experiment and test it out by using different headings, images, and CTA and check out how it works with each of them. Do not unnecessarily waste your money on paying for ads that do not keep your customers engaged.

  • Spot your competitors and be aware of their moves:

Circle out your competitors, track and follow them at all times across the various social media platforms, their websites and other places that they exist. Go in depth into the information and details and pay attention to the replies to customers and clients, their responses and their active engagement with the customers. Give importance to whether they are friendly in nature, give prompt and genuine responses are proactive in there communication and other related aspects. You can easily find out the strengths and weaknesses from them. Analyze their accounts so that you get sufficient knowledge about what kind of posts give the maximum responses and promote the business. This gives you an idea of how you can go about improving your business and strengthening the core areas required.

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