The all New Features of Google ads and their Usefulness

Google AdWords has been constantly and periodically updating new features and editions,  with no exception this year as well. Businesses and digital marketers are on the Lookout for new features that will benefit their paid search campaigns. In this blog, we will be taking you through the new features introduced by Google ads and the benefits that come with them.  check them out below;

  1. Custom intent audiences:

Initially, Businesses really wished that they could Reach out to their target audiences who were interested in a particular product, brand or service that only you could give them, across the display network. Well, now you can do it! now your audiences can utilize Google’s machine learning Technology that is capable of doing a complete analysis of the campaigns and ads that you do. You can know all that your target audiences are doing in relation to your product or services by tracking the most widely used keywords and URLs that are imported across the search engines. Once the creation is done, your targeted audiences will then be amongst the display network audiences.

Google separately collects data in relation to your AdWords campaigns YouTube campaigns and the campaigns from other websites in order to figure out what your campaigns are all about and the offers that you make to your targeted audiences. Based on the information generated it automatically produces new audiences who are looking out for what you are offering.

You can also create your very own intended target audiences by utilizing the Skynet initiated targeted alternatives. It makes use of the details collected from the inputted keywords and URLs of the audiences.

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2.Ad variations:

Google now enables do the complete testing of ad variations on a large scale. This is the power of the newly introduced AdWords features. The new ad variations features enable you to do the following:

  • Headlines can be inverted.
  • Search and replace keywords in relation to your ads.
  • Updating your text and its components, whether it is the headlines, taglines or descriptions.
  1. Gmail remarketing:

You can now do remarketing in a dynamic manner, with the help of Gmail and its special ads features. E-Commerce businesses and advertisers are looking for stress-free and easy of ways of getting in touch with their audiences and customers especially with the busy shopping days of the Year. You can now get all of your Shopping Carts right inside your inbox and do the shopping from there!

  1. Promotion extensions :

With the advent of AdWords, internet users and e-commerce businesses had to make use of advertisement headlines and the accompanying descriptions in order to promote diagrams, products, and services with potential customers out there. Well here is the good news, you need not do it anymore! Google has finally made the decision of giving access to every advertiser.

You can now update all of your promotions and attach them to your text ads with the help of the all-new promotion extensions features. It doesn’t matter whether you are sharing at discount code or an entire site-wide discount. The ad promotion extensions will now give you a skyrocketing CTR boost.

With this new feature, you can now keep your business promos and sales updated without making any sort of adjustments to your copies. It also enables you to boost ad relevance by incorporating headlines and descriptions for it. With the introduction of this new feature, ads will consume quite a lot of space across the search engine results pages, while describing what you are offering and then eat price tag that it comes with.

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  1. Overview the performance of page accounts:

Now Google enables you to effortlessly overview and analyze the performance of page accounts in one shot. You get the complete data and information in regard to your ads, and groups, keywords, and campaigns. You can review the performance of them all while testing it with the new features and arrive at conclusions to make changes based on the obtained information. All of the detailed information is made available through clear tables and interactive graphs. Everything is precisely calculated so that you can comprehend better as to the performance and make decisions accordingly.

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