Latest updates in the world of digital marketing

If you are a person who likes to keep updated on the latest happenings in the world of digital marketing, then read on to know more about them. Here are some of the top latest updates which might turn out to be trending in the near future.

1. Conversion and visitor behavior across websites:
Video content has taken over the internet by storm and it is all set to rule for a long term as well. It has revolutionized social platforms true induction of videos live streaming and GIFs. Recently, Google has joined to partake in the fun through Google My Business and it has been consistently uploading videos sections for Businessmen and entrepreneurs out there.

2. Updates on Facebook news feeds:
All of us want to browse through our news feeds on Facebook to know all that our loved ones, relatives and friends are up to each day. Facebook has ventured out to establish the explorer as a unique place that contains collective content from different web pages. Many Facebook users have failed to realize the powerful uses of exploring feed and how businesses and identify crucial opportunities for their businesses and keep updated on the latest happenings from all around the world. There will be lesser updates in regard to brands, products and services and more in regard to news feeds about family and friends.
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3. Restaurants and menus are now added to the listings on Google my business:
Google is now allowing restaurants to add their menus to the listings on Google my business. This enables listing proprietors and owners of restaurants eateries and outlets from all around the world to display the menus as well as specialties of the restaurant directly on their listings in Google my business. It also enables customers and buyers to check out the latest menus on all Gadgets and mobiles wherever they are and while they are on the go.

4. Android devices now have access to the brand new version of Google Plus:
Google has enabled the new version of the Google Plus application on all Android devices, Smartphones, and mobile gadgets. The new rendition is similar to the current application, however, it is the creation as a result of further research and reworks over various features that make it even more popular amongst Android users. It makes use of the recent Android application framework established by Google and it facilitates for the development of newer features with cutting edge Technology.

5. HTTPS deadline by Google:
Lately, Google has been promoting website owners to make the transition to secure websites and now they have set up a deadline to do so. The existence of HTTPS implies that a site is secure and that there are additional layers of protection not only for your website but for your content as well. It also offers complete protection for your website visitors and viewers have all of your private data as well as those of your visitors are completely encrypted. Currently, if your website, then every visitor who visits your website on the Chrome browser will be warned that your website is not secure for them to use. Hence, it is necessary that you do not put it off for quite a long time as you will be losing a lot of traffic and ranking as well. The entire process of converting and securing your website is not all that challenging and demanding. It is also quite cheap and now than it was before. There are several hosting platforms that can assist you as well as provide you with the migration service that you require for your website.

6. AdWords are now enhanced:
Google AdWords now come with a new feature known as call notifications where you can get feedback on the various calls made by the users who made use of AdWords Express. What makes it even more special is that you get to track down any missed calls made by the users. When a customer discovers and views and ad on Google, he makes a phone call in regard to the ad, and in such cases, the customer will get a notification to give is feedback in regard to the call. This special feature of AdWords Express enables the business, company or brand to target their audiences.
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