For all those business people out there, Instagram allows you to incorporate your brands, products, and services in their content. You can easily use it to your advantage to promote and sell your products. In this blog, we guide you and provide you with pointers on how to promote your business through Instagram.

Take your followers on a tour behind the scenes:
Individual customers are keen to know all that is happening behind the scenes and it would mean a lot to them. It can be anything, from the preparation stage to the final product. This would help your customers to build trustworthiness and faith in your products and brands as you shed off your layers and reveal the real you to your audiences. You could take your audiences around a tour of the office cafeteria, the production line, the various activities and events that take place in your industry, and other such areas. This enables your followers to believe and feel as if they form an integral part of your business which in turn promotes and enhances it.

Celebrate your company’s milestone with your audiences:
Is your company celebrating a milestone crossed? Well you can include your audiences in the celebration as well. After all it was them which contributed and promoted your growth. Create a unique story that highlights and reveals the milestone event of your company as well as take your audiences down memory lane as there remember all the major achievements reached by your company. You can also take tips from other organizations and companies who have done this before as well as collect ideas from your employees and customers as well. This adds variety to your story while incorporating some of the best memories of your business. However, make sure that your focus stays on the brand and your goal. Reveal the brand persona by incorporating the right tone and colors. Keep your employees reminded always that they are representing on behalf of the company and it would reflect in what you are projecting to your audiences. Also make sure that you tell your unique story in exciting ways as well as take the human approach that keeps your customers entertained and keen on looking forward to more from you.
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Do teasers for your new products, brand, and services:
Are you planning on introducing a new product into the market? Well, you can introduce teasers that tell a gist of the story. Publish it and make it easily available to your audiences. All you need to do is then just sit back and relax as your loyal followers will spread the news about your new product to others on behalf of your company. Introduce the buzz and let it take its own course. To make it even more exciting you can also reveal a couple of the features or any updates in relation to your product.

Breakdown your blog content into mini articles:
Do a thorough analysis of your blog content. You will find long article contents that can be broken down into a number of mini-articles or slides that can be made visual through displays to your audiences. This would keep them engaged and interested in what you display for them. This would remove all boring and mundane reviews.
First of all, you would need to choose a topic, and then let your graphic design software to create unique and colorful pictures that would further develop your story and make it interesting. Another amazing Idea would be to incorporate a cover page along with an engaging picture that describes your content as well as an image included in the conclusion para, ending with a call to action. The end of it should contain a URL to which your audiences can visit to get more detailed information about a particular topic.
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Question and answer session:
Add a human touch to your business by enabling a short question and answer session with your CEO. This gets you the information of the needs and requirements of your customers. It also keeps your customers happy and satisfied to get in touch personally with the CEO of the company. The answers to the questions should be precise and to the point so that the message that you are spreading to your audiences hits home. Communicating through Instagram stories are a powerful medium of communication that helps to promote your business, brands, products, and services unlike any other while giving you the opportunity to utilize the advantages to the fullest!

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