Top ways in which you can increase the number of followers on Twitter

In the digital marketing world, Twitter plays a powerful role and is one of the major platforms that companies utilize to reach out to their potential audiences. You can keep it short, sweet and effective at the same time. It is quite a challenge to plan and design social media strategies across social media channels such as Twitter as well as to increase the number of followers on your Twitter account at a faster rate. In this article, we bring to you some of the top sure shot ways that can instantly influence the increase of followers to your Twitter account. Continue reading to know more of them:

• Employ popular hashtags centered around the specific industry:
Every industry no matter whether it is in the field of digital marketing, advertising, business or aviation, hashtags are widely used by every business community. View and follow the activities of Twitter influencers and you will come across a variety of hashtags surfacing. Once you spot them, you can also analyze and check them out to find out which of them attracts audiences. After identifying these popular hashtags you can then included them in your own tweets.

• Content coupled with images always rules:
Always make sure that you have engaging content that attracts the maximum number of potential followers and audiences. In addition to this also make sure that each of your content is eye catchy and visual. Content which is visual and attractive attracts about 94 percent more views when compared to content with just plain text.
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• Get in touch with influencers in the specific industry:
Experts and experienced professionals generally advise you to connect with the major influences in the industry so as to develop and increase the number of opportunities and options made available for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are just quoting these influencers or, whether you are sharing content with them, all you need to do is focus on inspiring these influencers to put up tweets and posts on your blog which in turn will attract their followers as well as new ones. In some cases, all that is required is just the mention and the rest will be done automatically. It opens up new opportunities and brand new audiences for you.

• Make use of the Twitter lists:
Another popular way of connecting and getting in touch with influencers in the industry is for you to target the Twitter lists. It doesn’t matter if they are public lists or private lists. You can effortlessly make use of these lists of your target audiences and you can then focus your attention on a better way to discover and approach them in order to get them to be actively engaged for a long time. If you are successful in the approach of effectively and logically engaging the attention of your target audiences, then the majority of them would become your followers.

• Make your Tweets as a resource for others:
Make sure that every tweet or retweet that you do hikes up the value. You can tweet and further re-tweet on Twitter. You need to consider that every tweet is like an email and that you are replying to emails in the form of tweets. One major point to keep in mind is to never send an excessive number of emails as they tend to create doubts in regard to your credibility. When you express your views and ideas, then your Twitter followers will believe in you as well as that it is beneficial.
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• Have patience:
The number of Twitter followers to your tweets and the Twitter account does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and patience for it to build gradually. By waiting patiently you are creating a loyal following. Invest a lot of your time strengthening and developing your Twitter network and you will be rewarded.

• Get trending hashtags to do the job for you:
Trending hashtags which are popular, attractive and eye catchy are enticing and possesses the capability of reaching out to a larger audience. It also gets your Twitter followers active and engaged for a longer period of time. There are several top brands which blindly make use of trending hashtags on twitter without second thoughts. However, never make this mistake if you want to prevent a twitter catastrophe. Before using a trending hashtag give sufficient thought to it, and then take some time to think as to why such a hashtag trending before you too make use of it.

• Imagine that you are a reporter or copy editor:
Twitter, until recently, had permitted only just 140 characters per tweet, so every Twitter user understands that every space, punctuation and word matters. Every tweet should be modified and constructed within the allowed permit. Make sure that every tweet is engaging and compelling to read so that your followers will want to read what you have to tweet in the huge Twitter universe.

• Connect with your followers offline as well:
Reaching out to your followers on Twitter does not stop there itself. You need to be active offline too. You can do this by reaching out through phone calls, you can even arrange for a meeting over hot coffee with some of your tweeters. Find out if there are tweet-ups happening in your area and you can join and be a part of it.

• Maintain consistency:
Once you start tweeting, you need to continue it in a consistent manner. This ensures harmony in between the various tweets that happens in quick succession. Every Tweeter knows the importance of maintaining consistency and replying to tweets every few days to keep your Twitter followers engaged and active with you.
On the other hand, if you keep on tweeting continuously, without much break, then your Twitter followers will assume that you are trying to gain control over them. They would get an idea that you are bothering them and there is a high possibility of them unfollowing you. However, make sure that you do not forget to tweet, as your followers would think you do not have any regard for them and they, in turn, would disregard you.
In order to maintain consistency in your tweets, make sure that you set up schedules for your tweets well ahead. Make sure that your social calendar has made a place for you to tweet and do some crucial Twitter activities. You can get the assistance of tools such as Hoot suite to help you plan your tweeting activities ahead of time.
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• Relevancy of tweets:
When tweeting makes sure that every tweet has something relevant in connection with the articles and blogs and that every tweet is unique and worthy of news. When tweeting, lessen the length of the URLs which in turn will enable you to enhance track shares.

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