How to Make use of Instagram to Promote your APP

Businesses, whether large or small can utilize Instagram to succeed and promote their apps. In this article we guide you with a 4 step process that highlights the key activities to perform when you interact with your followers on Instagram. All of these steps are simple and can be repeated on a daily basis. Some of the top companies that make use of Instagram to promote the brands and to interact with their followers include GE appliances, Foundr, and 3M. The entire strategy that we provide you here is cost effective and an efficient marketing strategy for your apps.

4 easy steps to promote your mobile apps across Instagram:

Step 1: Make the transition from your personal Instagram profile to that of a business one:

If you want to promote your mobile app across Instagram,then your very first strategy is to create a business profile on Instagram. There are several benefits that come with creating and establishing a business profile on this social media network. Some of them includes the following:

• You can easily reach out to your customers through calls, messages, and emails with the help of the contact button that Instagram provides you with.
• You get to enjoy complete access to the basic Instagram Analytics. With the help of this, you can collect all the details and information in regard to the performance of your content.
• It facilitates and provides for Instagram ads that help to promote your posts across the Instagram social media network.
• Your Instagram stories can be accompanied with links.
Steps to Switch your Instagram personal profile to that of a business one:
• Go to your personal Instagram profile and click on the gear icon.
• Then scroll further and click ” account”.
• This takes you to another list of options from where you can select the ” switch to business profile”.
• Create a caption that is simple and catchy while capturing the very essence of your brand. It could also include what your company is offering to your customers. The shorter the caption, the more alluring it will be.
It is important that you understand your target audiences and create a caption that syncs with their interest, needs and requirements.

Step 2: Create hashtags for your mobile app that reflects your business and uniqueness:

Every mobile app that you create should have its own unique brand with a hashtag. And every post that you put up about your app across Instagram should also include these hashtags. Hashtags are capable of facilitating better engagement across Instagram. Instagram posts that contain hashtags are 70 percent more likely to have an increase in the number of likes than those Instagram posts that did not have hashtags.
The following are the benefits of hashtag Instagram posts :
• An increase in the number of followers likes and comments for the Instagram post.
• Enables greater Brand visibility, provides content which is user-generated and free as well which can be easily shared.
• It encourages your target audiences to follow and check out all that you are offering.
• It encourages your target audiences to tag other people to your Instagram posts, and in this way it helps to generate more traffic and downloads of your business app.
However, make sure that your brand hashtags are unique in order to get your campaign up and running.

Step 3: Include influencers in your campaign to promote your App across Instagram:

When running an App business it is necessary to create, build and develop relationships with your influencers. They not only help to expose and promote your apps to all of their followers on their Instagram accounts but they also add value and authority to it. Obtaining endorsements from influencers in the industry is a powerful way for you to drive traffic and attention to your mobile app across Instagram.
They lend credibility and have a large followers base and audiences which are highly engaged who believe and trust in their opinion. So, you see how important day for your mobile app business?
How do you find influencers for your business app, across Instagram?
There are several tools and software that can help you in finding the right influencers to promote your mobile app across Instagram. One such useful tool is the Ninja outreach tool. All you need to do is input a keyword and select the search option, you can then sort by follower count. By making use of the Ninja outreach tool, you can easily get in touch with more than 46 Instagram influencers out there.
There is a price to pay for everything, and so also there is the price for partnering with an influencer. Each of them has their own rates. It is up to you to do your own research before entering into a project, with diligence and establish core metrics which includes leads, reach, engagement, and traffic. Agreements will have to be made on the success metrics and it will establish a level of understanding between your company and the influencer. It also helps to establish your goals and outcomes of the project.

Step 4: tools that save your time:

If you do not have much time on your hands when promoting your mobile app across Instagram, then you should consider incorporating automation tools that help to make the entire process easier and stress-free. It is necessary that you have tools that enable you to do the following:
• Enables you to easily make changes to your bio links so that they are in sync with your campaign goals.
• Repost any content on your Instagram account, whether it is posted by you your audiences.
• Enables you to make schedules in relation to videos, images and carousel posts.
• Carefully analyze the performance of your posts.
• Plan, strategize and Plot your feeds across Instagram.
• Enables you to queue your posts well in advance.
• Enables you to preview your posts across Instagram.
Other powerful Instagram tools that facilities for better management across social media that are specially designed to enable traction of your mobile app, are the Planable and Schdugram tools. Schedugram is the perfect tool for scheduling Instagram posts while Planable is ideal for planning posts across Instagram.
With Schedugram, you can easily and automatically schedule all of your Instagram posts. It also enables you to effortlessly arrange photos and other images that will crop up at cross your Instagram feeds. It also enables you to edit this images. It doesn’t keep notifying you about publishing posts, instead, it performs it automatically for you. It also enables you to plot out the entire Instagram feed, assists you in carefully analyzing your metrics as well as in reposting content.
Planable is an effective tool which keeps PR disasters at Bay and approves the Instagram posts for you. It performs the acts of collaboration and approval across social media platforms and it completely analyses and approves all of your social media posts before it goes viral. It helps you to eliminate mistakes and PR disasters that cost you a great deal by enabling you to preview all of your posts before posting them.

Are you looking forward to extraordinary outcomes? Then all you need to do is promote your mobile app across Instagram. It is a proven strategy that is capable of providing success time and again.
It is necessary that you continually optime your campaigns while coming up with new and innovative ideas that facilitate easier and quick App download, attract attention of your followers, increases conversion, as well as lower the cost of customer acquisition. Get familiar with the major app marketing strategies across social media platforms by joining digital marketing courses at Digitaltita.

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