The complete guide into a digital marketing interview

Getting yourself ready for an interview in digital marketing can be quiet tricky, especially when you do not know where to begin? It is always advisable to be aware of the possible questions that your interviewers may put forth to you. Well, in this article we have compiled together some of the top digital marketing questions that interviewers frequently ask during interviews. It includes the most frequently asked questions and answers for beginners and experienced professionals in the digital marketing industry.

We have covered the various aspects of digital marketing which includes Search Engine Optimization, on page Search Engine Optimization, off page Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, tools and software used in digital marketing and lots more.

1. What made you choose to apply for this position in digital marketing?
When an employer good sport this question to you during an interview, he wishes to know the main driving force behind what influenced you to choose to apply for that particular position. The interviewer also wants to get an idea of where you work in before, the role that you played in a business or organization, the salary package, and other related aspects.

2. What made you choose a career in digital marketing?
When the interviewer asks you such a question, he wants to find out what attracted you to enter into the digital marketing industry. With the reply that you give he will be able to determine your commitment to the digital marketing industry, what factors were your driving force that made the choice; what makes you stand out from the rest; as well as to determine your uniqueness and why you are the best choice to be considered when compared to other candidates.
When giving your reply to such a question, it is necessary that you give an honest reply, especially when you state the reason as to why you entered into the digital marketing career. Whether it is the high remuneration paid to professionals in this field or the esteem and pride that comes with working in such an industry. Give an ideal answer that reflects your enthusiasm and complete dedication towards the digital marketing industry.

3. Define and explain what digital marketing means?
Digital marketing is a comprehensive term that includes planning, strategizing and marketing branch, products, and services through the various online mediums, platforms, and channels. Digital marketing involves a whole lot of methods, techniques, and tools used. Some of the most common include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Link building, PPC, etc.
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4. What are the most commonly used digital marketing tools?
Interviewers commonly ask this question in order to check whether you are familiar with digital marketing, planning, and strategizing, techniques and methods used and how to utilize the tools and technology that play a vital role in the digital market.
Some of the most commonly used digital marketing tools includes the following:
•  Google Analytics.
•  StumbleUpon.
•  Keyword dictionary.
•  Rankwatch.
•  Moz.

5. Explain what is a responsive website and how to identify it?
A responsive website is one which is well equipped and facilities the alteration of its layout to suit the orientation requirement and which is capable of adjusting itself according to the screen size of the viewport on the gadget in which it is viewed. The content on the website is displayed in the same layout, orientation, and format whether it is viewed on a small screen or on larger screens. It always comes with an alternate layout that facilitates proper viewing that suits a particular gadget.

6. Mention any one instance that you think posed the biggest challenge to your career the digital marketing industry?
Interviewers put forth this question in order to test you in your capabilities during the time of challenge and crises. When you answer such a question mention the biggest challenge of failure in a particular event in your career life; the lesson that it taught you and what you learned from it; and how it could be productive to the further growth of the digital marketing industry. Your answer should be such that it makes your future employer into thinking that you could actually be an asset to their business.

7. How would you imagine yourself five years from now in the digital marketing industry?
This is one of the most commonly asked questions in almost all interviews. The answer that you give here reflects your dedication, passion and drive in the digital marketing industry and what would motivate you to scale greater heights in your career. By asking this question the interviewer wishes to know whether you are the right choice for whom to offer the job and a niche in their business.
When answering such a question, never make the mistake of mentioning personal desires that drive and motivates you to continue further in your career in the digital marketingindustry. instead mention about,
•  Goals which are centered around your career.
•  Particular interests that you have towards the position that you are applying for.
•  The skills, talent and core strength that you possess.

8. If you were allowed to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate yourself in regard to the knowledge that you possess about digital marketing?
When giving your answer to such a question, never try to overestimate not underestimate yourself. Give a rating somewhere in the middle. In the digital marketing industry, one can never have too much knowledge, as it is the career where you get to learn something new every day. If you underestimate yourself, then it would reflect your lack of confidence in yourself and the knowledge that you possess. By asking such a question, your interviewer wants to learn more about you, your strengths and shortcomings.
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