Google has recently launched the new search console and it is considered as a major milestone in the history of search engines. Google is now taking all efforts to introduce its manual actions report. It has also recently launched the all-new inspection tool and live tests are being conducted to test the capability of the new URL. Google has constantly introduced new features onto its search console while introducing key features and reports. The new search console of Google has some of the all the existing features which are both supported and improved upon along with New features. This is done to enable the user to become familiar with the new search console and its features based on the already existing ones. Once the users have become familiar with the new search console then the old report will be removed and the new one will be introduced permanently.

Special features of the new search console of Google:

• Users can now make use of the index coverage report to get the overview Analytics of their particular website as well as the content in it.
• Users can get to view the performance report and all the search analytics data for the past 16 months.
• You can make use of the links report to view information links as well as the content on your website.
• Users get to use the URL inspection tool for gaining access to information of any URL right from the Google index. You also get to retrieve information by performing activities such as indexing, crawling and lots more.
• You can also get automatic updates as well as view the web pages with the have been affected by issues that as usability on mobile phones, crawling, indexing, AMP, recipes and other such related issues.
• Google reports now indicate the HTML code required for fixing wherever required.
• You can now quickly and easily share information with the relevant people of your company establishment of organization in solving the issue.
• You also get alerts when an issue has been fixed. Google helps you to review your pages, check if an issue has been fixed as well as validate it. It then sends you the complete detail information of the various findings and validation are done.
• The newest features and updates also include simplified sitemaps and easier management of account settings.
• The latest updates have also made indexing of individual URLs easier.
• Apart from all the above you can also include new sites into your account as well as invite users to them and manage their activities.

The URL inspection tool by Google:

Google newly launched URL inspection tool is soon becoming popular for being highly efficient as well as extremely useful in the operations and activities of the search console. This tool is specially designed for users to obtain information about a particular webpage with regard to the indexed version of the Google search engine. With the URL Inspection tool, you can now easily search for errors and fix them as well while maintaining complete transparency and accuracy. It plays a major role in solving indexing issues, managing and effectively removing structured data errors and AMP errors. You also get access to detailed information in regard to the crawl index and other related information in relation to a webpage. All of this can be directly obtained from the Google index. All you need to do is make an entry of the URL of a particular webpage and it will offer you in depth insights about the status of that website, date, crawling errors, indexing issues, and other such aspects. You can easily obtain the information as well as monitor the status of your webpage and other enhancements that are required, only when it has been successfully indexed. With the URL inspection tool, coordination with Google in order to perform the activities of indexing and re-crawling has become easier and quicker.

Manual actions:

Ever since search engines were established digitally, Search Engine Optimization experts have smartly and efficiently filtering out the audiences to view their web pages, as well as efficiently in develop their web pages and to be on the top of the search results. As a result of this unique genuine content is not given importance and in recent times legitimate websites and web pages that contain good unique content are difficult to find. This has made Google to fight against farmers as well as assist and guide audiences to obtain the information that they are looking for while lending a helping hand to those people who have legitimate websites to drive healthy traffic to their content and web pages.
Google has ventured out to perform advanced searches with the help of suggestions, practical and data-driven approaches of researchers, analysts and statisticians. Google wishes to optimize and develop quality content on a full-time basis. Google is now capable of maintaining the standard search engine portal bye detecting spam content and eliminating them. Google has also taken steps to maintain the consistent quality of index and illuminating spam content true manual action performed on the search results.

How to perform a manual action and fix the problem?

If you wish to perform a manual action on your website or web page, users can perform the following:
• Look out for web pages and website that are affected.
• If you require more information about a particular aspect, all you need to do is search for the manual action description panel on the report and then expand it.
• You will then be able to see a short description that tells all about the issue. You can do a follow up of it by selecting the ‘learn more’ link which will take you straight to the detailed information that you are looking for. Follow the steps provided and solve the issue.
• Users can now fix the issue on all the websites and web pages which are affected.

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