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Digital Marketing Course Levels

At DigitalTITA, we train our students in a wide range of digital marketing courses. It doesn't matter whether you are a student, entrepreneur, business owner of a startup or a well-established business, or looking forward to doing your internship. We guide and assist in digital marketing right from the basic level to the advanced expert level.


The digital marketing training courses are taught to students by hands-on well-experienced experts in the field. Students not only gain knowledge of digital marketing concepts, strategies and techniques. We also help students in creating digital marketing campaigns for all types of businesses, brands, services and products, websites, online platforms and a wide range of software.

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At DigitalTITA, we imbibe excellence in the business world by sharpening your digital marketing skills with the right training. Our eminent and experienced professionals give you hands-on practical training. The training is done with live projects and live online tools. We provide an in-depth study that covers every area of digital marketing.

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At DigitalTITA, we strive to impart exceptional training in digital marketing that enables trainees to secure jobs and good positions in top multinational companies. Our internship certificate open up more job opportunities in the digital marketing industry. Internship training is done through online, classroom training, one-to-one training sessions on weekdays, and weekends.

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What will you get from Digital Marketing Training


With the right training in digital marketing at DigitalTITA, students get to learn the importance of generation of leads. We teach you different ways to improve your digital marketing business with Leads. Our training covers the generation of leads for online business, websites, landing pages, and creation of content that attracts high-quality leads. This is possible with a step-by-step plan that is aimed at boosting the online visibility of your business and generates quality leads which in turn convert into sales and profits.


At DigitalTITA, we train students in the marketing tactics of conversions. We guide students in attracting the right audiences and viewers to your website and make them perform a specific action. Digital marketing training at DigitalTITA aims at converting browsers, viewers, and visitors to your website to become a paying customer. We help students in grasping the various concepts, techniques, tracking, analytics and use of digital marketing software for conversion. We use actual marketing platforms, tools and software in the market.


Placed Students

At DigitalTITA, we create and train the best of talents and skilled professionals in the field of digital marketing. We are dedicated to imparting quality education to students under various modules. This includes digital promotions, search engine optimisation, social media, analytics, digital advertising across various websites and online platforms. The course trains students through various levels which are, the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Just like every profession on the planet, we understand the fact that the practical application of digital marketing concepts is entirely different from the theory. Therefore prime importance is given to practical training of every student. This enables them to understand the concepts, analyze, strategize and plan through the various steps for digital marketing. Our approach towards training students gives them the edge and access to a pool of information and opens up new opportunities.

DigitalTITA takes pride in its goal of creating trained professionals who possess actual updated knowledge of the global digital marketing world. We also provide our students an hands-on experience to work on live projects. The digital marketing projects that we actively engage our students include website editing, search engine optimisation, SMO, Adwords, Analytics, Visualization Tools, Email Marketing several others. Once students are trained in digital marketing modules, they can take on almost any task and become an expert in their ventures. The training that we provide a DigitalTITA enables our students to be one step ahead and well updated with the current trends than the others.

Students Reviews

Ashwini Bhiware

SEO Executive

"Placed through DigitalTITA. I have joined for advanced digital marketing training. DigitalTITA goes out of its way in ensuring that every student understands what is being taught to them in class. The trainers are not only well experienced but also reaches down to the level of understanding of the students."

Sayali Raskar

DM Executive

"Working in company. Placed through DigitalTITA. A DigitalTITA is the Best way to learn about digital marketing, not only learn but also getting a good experience of live project, work and exciting task for developing knowledge."

Aditya Pasare

DM Executive

"Got the Job. Best coaching institute. Friendly environment. Excellent training institute. Very kind & supportive staff. It has been a good experience for me in terms of learning and developing my skills."

Snehal Kokewar


"Best Digital Marketing Institute in Pune. If you want to make career in digital marketing you must join DigitalTITA. I have always been passionate about studying digital marketing since my college days. DigitalTITA has helped me to fulfil my dream."

Team of Mentors and Trainers

From CEO's Desk

I have been extensively involved in Digital marketing current trends. We have group of tallented and experienced trainers. It has been more than 5 years journey into digital marketing. I believe the students grabs more practical knowledge than theoritical, so our complete syllabus covers 99% topics practically. I ensured each student is capable to handle the more challanging tasks.

From Trainers Book: Satish N.

As a Trainer I have around 10 Yrs. of expertise in digital marketing: including SEO, SMO, Paid Campaigns, Analytics, Email Marketing, Programmatic, Affiliate Marketing, Reporting, and various Visualization Tools . Whatever I learnt from different projects, the same I have been always prefer to teach to the students during training classes and make sure each students get expertise in it.

From Trainers Book: Prasenjeet Meshram

A focussed; trainer, world traveller, having 11 yrs Industry experience. Former Director in Edugabri Solutions. Sharing my views and ideas for digital marketing is my hobby. In trainings I am trying to help students for their upcoming interviews. Working on their personality development and make them aware the coming difficult scenarios.

Why DigitaTITA for Digital Marketing Courses in Pune


DigitalTITA has earned a name for itself over the years for imparting quality training in digital marketing. We teach our students various modules, digital promotions, and digital advertising at different angles. This enables them to reach their targets in the various ventures that they undertake. DigitalTITA has been focused and dedicated to training students with advanced tools which are present online.


Our Highly skilled trainers cocoon our students amidst good infrastructure that is conducive towards learning. We achieve our goals in introducing qualified, well trained digital marketing professionals into the industry, with the assistance of expert faculty. We at DigitalTITA understand the need for giving our students the best advanced training and environment that motivates and boosts their confidence.


At DigitalTITA, our training in theoretical and practical aspects opens up new opportunities for growth in one’s career in the digital marketing world. Our internship training on live projects is of around 2-3 months. So, if you desire to map your career in the digital marketing field, then join our digital marketing courses in Pune and kickstart your way to the top. We provide placement to all candidates.

How Internship on Live Projects Help


Everything around us and our everyday activities is soon becoming digitalized. In this digital era, we at DigitalTITA train our students to be on par with the rest of the world by engaging them in an internship on live projects. Every industry actively involves digital marketing. We have included live projects as part of the student internship. Our internship programme continues till the student understands the concepts.


It gives them in-depth insight into the various tools and techniques used in digital marketing. Internship on live projects has developed the social skills of our students and made them successful in offices. We gives knowledge on advanced tools which are widely used in market. Working on live projects has increased our student self-confidence in themselves and the career that they chose in digital marketing.


DigitalTITA’s internship on live projects has added more weight to every candidate's resume. It is an indication of expertise in practical aspects and the ability to work on any task. Working on live projects prepares our students for the experiences of the corporate world. In addition to this, it also trains them in work compliance and to complete a given project within the deadline and we also gives experience certificate.

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What Companies Says

  • Gatitaa PVT. LTD

    DigitalTITA is one of the best institutes training students in digital marketing. We have several employees who have been past students of DigitalTITA. They possess exceptional talents and skills in taking on any digital marketing project that we entrust to them. We highly recommend digital marketing training to anyone who wishes to make a career in the field. In this digital era, knowledge of digital marketing and its techniques and strategies have time and again proven to be beneficial to companies and business houses. DigitalTITA has laid the foundation for a progressive career for our employees.


    Our company is into digital marketing where we do a lot of online promotion through digital media and marketing strategies. Candidates from DigitalTITA have shown a proven track record of ensuring and promoting our company's digital presence online. They possess the knack of actively engaging audiences and online visitors. With the skills imparted to them at DigitalTITA by expert trainers, our employees are ready for hands-on live projects at any time. In addition to this, each one of them has been well trained to keep themselves updated with the latest trends of digital marketing platforms and media.

  • Brainergic

    We have hired DigitalTITA’s candidates and we don't regret it! Hiring them has been a good decision as they are now an indispensable part of our company. They hold the knowledge in utilising digital tools and technology, creation and promotion of brand awareness, cost saving and how to drive revenue through leads and conversions. They are not only motivated and highly driven but also competent employees. We have placed talented professional candidates from DigitalTITA in top positions of our team as they know how to keep our targeted audiences digitally engaged.

  • Mobipoint Pune

    Our company has never found a scarcity of talent at DigitalTITA. Candidates from DigitalTITA form an indispensable talent pool all by themselves. They also possess the maturity to expand their knowledge and keep updated with the latest trends and also to develop the skills of others in the existing workforce. Our employees from DigitalTITA have proven to be of value to our company with the digital education that they hold from good trainers. Employing them has enabled our company to drive in more revenue with the knowledge that they possess in handling digital marketing situations tactfully. They have proven to be experts in nurturing and establishing customer relationships and exhibit their potential in being good leaders.

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